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Product return form:

Return / exchange rules. This rule applies in the same way for the exchange / return of items that do not fit the style or have a factory defect. You have the right to a return / exchange within 14 days after receiving the order (the date of receipt can be found by calling 067-239-5-333). To return / exchange, you must, no later than 14 days, send the "back" parcel to the address: 03036, avenue Vozduhoflotskiy 77. The parcel must include: an invoice, a statement indicating the reason for the return / exchange, and in the application you must choose the method of refund: offset against the next order, postal money order.

- If you return an item purchased without a discount / markdown - the cost of the returned item is charged as 100%.

- If you return a product purchased with a discount / markdown - the cost of the product minus a discount is credited to you, a discount is also transferred for items that remain in your order (if this amount is included in future orders, the discount for other items is not recalculated. additions to the terms of any returns / exchanges:

- In the absence of cardboard tags on the product, the refundable amount is reduced by 35%.

- In the absence of complete packaging (package, box), the refundable amount is reduced by 35%.

- In case of traces of wear: scratches on the soles, traces of deodorant, abrasions on the bottom of jeans / trousers, traces of scuffs on the inner part of the belt, any scratches on the skin (bags, wallets, shoes, clothes).

All of these circumstances are the most common reasons for refusal to return due to non-preservation of the presentation. The goods are returned to the client by courier delivery or postage. If the client refuses to pay for delivery, the goods are stored for 14 days and then disposed of.

- Not subject to return / exchange: underwear, socks, swimwear, swimming trunks, hats, scarves, i.e. any objects that come into direct contact with exposed parts of the body or hair. This restriction is spelled out in the ZoZPP, due to the need to comply with sanitary / hygienic standards. - In the absence of a sales receipt or a postal order receipt (1 of the documents is issued, depending on the courier department), exchange / refund is not made.